Bell’s Palsy

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Common signs include drooping of the angle of mouth or eyelid and often confused for stroke.

Patients are advised NOT diagnose this condition or any other condition and let your doctors decide and its always important to treat it as an emergency as Lost Time could be Lost Brain in STROKE.

When the arteries of the heart are blocked, we call it heart attack and when the arteries of the brain are blocked, then its Brain attack or Stroke.

Bell’s Palsy is caused by damage to facial nerve, which innervates the muscle of the face.

Cause of this disease is not clear and often self limiting and some probable causes are

• Herpes Infection
• Lyme disease
• Sarcoidosis
• Middle ear infection

Signs and Symptoms:

• Start suddenly after a bout of severe cold.
• Difficulty in eating food and drinking
• Drooling over lack of control over muscles of face
• Difficulty closing eye on the affected side
• Twitching of the muscles of face
• Headache
• Loss of taste sensation
• Hearing a sound louder in one ear than other
• Loss of sensation on tip of tongue

Treatment of Bell’s Palsy:

Often treatment is not required but for the signs and swelling to reduce, appropriate dosages of corticosteroids are prescribed .

Awareness of the disease is sufficient to remove the fear associated with it.

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