Anatomy of Female Reproductive Organs

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Female External Genetalia (also called Vulva, Pudendum)

The vulva includes all visible external genital organs like

1. Labia Majora ( is homologous to scrotum in males)

2. Labia Minora ( is homologous to penile urethra in males)

3. Clitoris

4. Urethral opening

5. vaginal opening and hymen

Female Internal Genital organs

It includes

1. Vagina : It has anterior , Posterior and two lateral walls. The vaginal PH is acidic from puberty to menopause ranges between 4 and 5 and its attributed to doderlein bacilli which is present in vaginal as a commensal and which produces lactic acid from glygogen present in the exfoliated cells.

2. Uterus : Situated in Pelvis, Urinary bladder is in front and rectum is behind it. Weighs 50 to 80 grams and 8 cm long and 5 cm width at fundus, while its walls are 1.25 cm thick.

3. Fallopian Tubes are 2 in number and measures 10 cm long

4. Ovaries are 2 in number and are called sex glands which  produces ovum for fertilisation.

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