How to avoid Pregnancy Naturally

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Natural Family Planning Method is when the couple abstains from Vaginal sexual intercourse during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle; during which the couple does not use any drugs or contraceptive devices or latex barriers.

This is Natural Family Planning.

It essential is the same as the calendar method, but in this case the woman’s tries to recognise by herself the physiological signs and symptoms associated with Ovulation, which are namely

  1. Basal Body Temperature Method
  2. Cervical Mucus Method
  3. Symptothermic Method

Basal Body Temperature Method

This method is based on the fact that during Ovulation, when the egg is released, the Basal body temperature rises with increased production of  Progesterone.

The temperature increase is only 0.3o C to 0.5o C during Ovulation.

When no ovulation occurs, after menarche or during lactation, the body temperature does not rise.

The temperature is measured before getting out of the bed in the morning.

The couple succeeds in avoiding pregnancy if sex is restricted to post-ovulatory period, 3 days after temperature rises to the beginning of menstruation.

The major drawback is that the couple has to abstain from Vaginal sexual intercourse for the entire pre ovulatory period.

Cervical Mucus Method

Also called as Billings Method or Ovulation Method

This method is based on the observation in the changes in the consistency of the cervical mucus.

At the Time of Ovulation : Cervical mucus is watery clear , resembling raw egg white

After Ovulation : Mucus is thick and less in quantity, due to the action of Progesterone

The woman uses tissue paper to wipe the inside of the vagina to check for the consistency of the mucus.

Symptothermic Method

More effective than the billings Method described above.

This method combines temperature, cervical mucus and calendar techniques for identifying the fertile period. If the woman cannot identify one sign, then she can double check with another.

As you have observed, these method requires a lot of discipline and motivation to check.

This is not meant for everybody and more importantly has no place in the developing countries or any other country.

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