Calories in Cooked Rice

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Rice has gained notoriety for people who are trying to lose weight, as it contains high carbohydrates and for diabetics, it raises the blood sugar levels. 

But it can be incorporated in a balanced food, if consumed in moderation by pairing with other nutrient dense foods. It is always consumed at the last course of the meal, in the end, as it helps not to shoot up the blood glucose levels, as much as if you had it in the beginning of the meal. That’s why in the Indian context of a Thali, the rice is always served in the end.

Now before coming to the calories, let’s see the common rice varieties which we encounter in everyday life.

Differences between White Rice and Brown rice

AttributesBrown RiceWhite Rice
Processing Only the outer husk removed Bran, germ, and husk removed
Color Light to dark brown White
Texture Chewier and denser Softer and fluffier
Cook Time Longer (approx. 45 minutes) Shorter (approx. 15-20 minutes)
Nutrient Content Higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals Lower in fiber, vitamins, and minerals due to processing
Calories (100g cooked) 111 kcal 130 kcal
Carbohydrates (100g cooked) 23 g 28 g
Protein (100g cooked) 2.6 g 2.4 g
Fiber (100g cooked) 1.8 g 0.4 g
Glycemic Index Lower (50-55) Higher (65-70)

Calories in different types of Rice along with carbs,GI, GL, and Protein content

Type of RiceCooked Portion (1 cup)   Calories (kcal)Carbs (g)Glycemic Index (GI)Glycemic Load (GL)Protein(g)
White Rice1 cup (cooked)           20544.573324.2
Brown Rice1 cup (cooked)21645.368315
Basmati Rice1 cup (cooked)21045.658264.3
Jasmine Rice1 cup (cooked)20544.568304
Arborio Rice1 cup (cooked)2164669324.4
Black Rice1 cup (cooked)2004355244
Red Rice1 cup (cooked)2164555254.2
Wild Rice1 cup (cooked)1663557206.5
Parboiled Rice1 cup (cooked)1944148204
Sushi Rice1 cup (cooked)2405365354
Sticky (Glutinous) Rice1 cup (cooked)16936.786313.5

Note: One cup of cooked rice is approximately 150-200 grams in weight. The exact weight can vary slightly depending on the type of rice, the cooking method, and how tightly the rice is packed into the cup.

The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly a food raises blood sugar levels, while the glycemic load takes into account both the glycemic index and the amount of carbohydrates in a portion of food. Lower GI and GL values are generally considered healthier, as they cause a slower and steadier rise in blood sugar levels.

Caloric Values of Commonly Consumed Foods

This section delves into the energy content, measured in calories, of frequently eaten food items. Understanding these values can aid in managing dietary intake and maintaining a balanced nutritional regimen.

ItemQuantityCalories (Approx.)
Dry Fruits100g600
Potato Chips100g536
Choco Bar Ice Cream1 bar200-250
Pastry Cake Piece1 piece260-300
Ice Cream100g207
10 Rs Drinks/Soft DrinksPer serving80-150
Egg Curry1 serving200
Papaya Juice1 glass (250ml)140
Pomegranate Juice1 glass (250ml)150
Roasted Chana100g364
Bread Roll1 roll100-200
Chicken Puff1 puff200-300
Fruit Salad1 cup74-100
Dairy Milk Chocolate1 bar (45g)240
Pastry Piece1 piece260-300
Pound Cake1 pound (454g)1200-1600
Soan Papdi1 piece (25g)100-120
Roasted Chana (Protein)100g20g protein
Coconut Milk1/4 cup120
Palak Paneer1 bowl200-250
Chicken Roll1 roll250-350
Butter Chicken1 cup300-400
Egg Puff1 puff150-200
Egg White Omelette1 omelette70-100
Sambar1 katori100-150
ItemQuantityCalories (Approx.)
Puff1 puff200-300
Small Onion1 onion (70g)28
Cold Drink (10 Rs)Per serving80-150
Potato Chips100g536
Coconut Water100ml19
Bread Pakora1 pakora150-200
Bun1 bun150-200
Chicken Lollipop1 lollipop100-150
Cup of Buttermilk1 cup (240ml)100-120
Uncooked Red Lentils1 cup230
Kit Kat1 bar (standard)210
Pastry1 piece260-300
Pav (Bread Roll)1 pav100-150
Plate of Bhel1 plate200-300
Rusk1 rusk35-50
Veg Burger1 burger200-300
Veg Puff1 puff150-200
Cool Drinks (10 Rs)Per serving80-150
Atta (Wheat Flour)100g340
Aloo Patty1 patty150-200
Cube Cheese1 cube (30g)100-120
Handful Roasted Chana1 handful (~30g)120
Cow Milk Protein1 litre32g protein
Gobi Manchurian1 plate250-300
Peanut Butter1 tbsp (16g)94
Raw Rice100g130-150
Wheat Roti100g297
ItemQuantityCalories (Approx.)
Chicken Burger1 burger350-500
Glass of Coke1 glass (250ml)100-105
Ice Cream1 serving200-250
Kachori1 kachori200-250
Chikoo (Sapodilla)1 fruit110-120
Naan1 naan260-300
Oil1 teaspoon40
Protein in Mungfali (Peanuts)100g25-30g
Boiled Banana1 medium105-120
Bowl of Custard1 bowl150-200
Cold Coffee1 glass100-200
Ferrero Rocher1 piece73
Fat1 gram9
Small Orange1 orange45-55
10 Inch Pizza1 pizza800-1200
Pasta100g (uncooked)131
Oats with Milk1 bowl150-200
Kilojoules to Calories1 kJ0.239
Packet of Lays1 packet (small)150-160
Pav Bhaji1 serving300-400
Roti1 roti70-100
Slice of Cake1 slice200-400
Almond Protein10g2.1g
Goat Meat Protein100g20-25g
Calories to Kg10000 calories1.43 kg (weight gain)
Smoked Salmon100g117
Vegetable Soup1 bowl50-100
Brownie1 brownie200-300
Chicken Shawarma1 shawarma400-600
Jaggery1 cup760-800
Pav (Bread Roll)1 pav100-150
Slice of Cheese1 slice100-120
Oats1 spoon6-9
Spring Roll1 roll80-100
Raw Rice100g130-150
Uncooked Rice100g130-150
Kilojoules to Calories100 kJ23.9

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in 100g of Cooked Rice?

There are approximately 130-140 calories in 100g of cooked white rice, depending on the variety and cooking method. Brown rice contains slightly more calories, with around 110-120 calories per 100g.

 How many calories are in a bowl of Cooked Rice?

A medium-sized bowl of cooked white rice (about 150g) contains approximately 195-210 calories. For brown rice, the same serving size would contain around 165-180 calories.

How many calories are in a cup of Cooked Rice?

One cup (about 195g) of cooked white rice contains approximately 240-260 calories, while one cup of cooked brown rice contains about 215-230 calories.

 How many calories are in 100g of rice not cooked?

There are approximately 350-370 calories in 100g of uncooked white rice, and around 360-380 calories in 100g of uncooked brown rice.

How much is 1 Katori rice?

One katori is an Indian serving size equivalent to approximately 150ml or 150g. For cooked white rice, 1 katori would contain around 195-210 calories, while 1 katori of cooked brown rice would have approximately 165-180 calories.

How many calories in a roti?

A medium-sized whole wheat roti (about 40g) contains around 80-100 calories, depending on the thickness and size.

How many calories are there in 2 Roti?

In two medium-sized whole wheat rotis (approximately 80g), there would be around 160-200 calories.

How many Cals do I need a day?

The number of calories needed per day varies based on factors such as age, gender, weight, height, and activity level. On average, adult women need 1,800-2,400 calories per day, while adult men require 2,200-3,000 calories per day.

Are boiled rice good for dieting?

Boiled rice can be part of a balanced diet, especially if you choose whole grain varieties like brown rice, which contain more fiber and nutrients. However, portion control is important, as excessive consumption of rice can lead to weight gain due to its calorie content.

Is boiled rice high in calories?

Boiled rice is relatively high in calories, with around 130-140 calories per 100g for white rice and 110-120 calories for brown rice. Portion control is important to avoid excessive calorie intake.

How many calories are in Indian cooked rice?

Indian cooked rice typically refers to white rice, which contains approximately 130-140 calories per 100g when cooked. Brown rice, another option, contains about 110-120 calories per 100g.

How many calories in a dal?

The calorie content of dal (lentil soup) varies depending on the type of lentils used and the preparation method. A 100g serving of cooked dal can have approximately 130-180 calories.

Which has more calorie rice or roti?

Per 100g, rice generally has more calories than roti. Cooked white rice has around 130-140 calories per 100g, while a whole wheat roti has about 80-100 calories per 40g serving (equivalent to 200-250 calories per 100g).

How many calories in a full plate of rice?

A full plate of cooked white rice (approximately 250g) contains around 325-350 calories. A full plate of cooked brown rice with the same weight would have approximately 275-300 calories.

What food is high in calories?

Foods that are high in calories include processed and fast foods, fried foods, sugary snacks, and high-fat dairy products. Some examples are:

  1. Pizza
  2. Fried chicken
  3. French fries
  4. Ice cream
  5. Cheese
  6. Pastries and baked goods
  7. Sugary drinks

It’s important to note that not all high-calorie foods are unhealthy. Some nutrient-dense foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and olive oil are also high in calories but provide essential nutrients and healthy fats.

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