How to clean your phone from viruses

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We are in the habit of washing our hands often and we often tend to overlook or be complacent with the things we handle everyday , especially the mobile phone.

It’s even more risky to let children play with your phone as they take it to play video games. For toddlers it may lead to throat infection as they tend to place it in their mouth and play with it.

How to clean your iphone from viruses or any phone

To avoid moisture or liquid going in the phone, tape the opening with an adhesive tape and after wiping the mobile surfaces,  then you can remove it. Clean the Mobile as well as the Mobile cover.

Things to remember :

  • Wash your Hands Before and After cleaning the Mobile
  • Keep your phones away from Children
  • Don’t take you mobile phone into Bathroom

Steps to disinfect your Phone

  1. Take a lint free cloth 
  2. Dab on sanitiser or spray sanitiser on the lint free cloth

            (The sanitiser should contain at least 60% Isopropyl alcohol)

  1. Wipe the wet Lint free cloth all over the phone on both sides
  2. You can again follow the method for the phone case or cover as well.
  3. Let it dry 
  4. Follow the procedure at regular intervals.

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