Correct way to Wash your Hands with Soap and Water

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Wash your hands with soap and water, when your hands are visibly dirty .

The duration should  be 40 seconds to 60 seconds.

Once you learn and understand the technique, Make sure you make it a HABIT and follow it regularly, everyday!

Proper Hand-washing Steps according to W.H.O :

Step 0  — Wet your hands with water

Step 1 — Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces

Step 2 —  Rub hands Palm to Palm

Step 3 — Right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice versa

Step 4 — Palm to Palm with fingers interlaced

Step 5 — Back of fingers to opposing Palms with fingers interlocked

Step 6 — Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa

Step 7 — Rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa

Step 8 — Rinse hands with water

Step 9 — Dry hands thoroughly with single use tissue papers

Step 10 — Use tissue papers to turn off faucet 

Step 11 — Your hands are now SAFE !

Keep Practising it for proper Hand hygiene and to prevent infection.

Remember Hand Hygiene is Any action of hygienic hand antisepsis in order to reduce transient microbial flora (generally performed either by handrubbing with an alcohol-based formulation or handwashing with plain or antimicrobial soap and water).

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