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A Life long neurological condition, a developmental disorder typically occurring within the first 3 years of life.

Autism is known as a ‘spectrum disorder,’ because the severity of symptoms can range from a mild learning and social disability, to more complex needs with multiple difficulties and often very unusual behaviour.

Differences in the development of child in three main areas which are late to develop compared to the children of same age.

1. Communication

2. Social interaction

3. Imagination

These three areas not only develop late but in unusual ways.

With support and proper training for the caregivers, it wouldn’t be a challenge to deal with it.

Some areas of brain find it difficult to communicate with other parts.

Symptoms can be detected before 3 years of age, which include

  • The child will use repeated body movements in a certain pattern or is acutely obsessed with certain objects
  • The child fails to speak or is disinterested in learning syllables
  • The child may show agitation, if there is change in routine


Many parents observe that their child has trouble making eye contact and failure to express sensitivity to other’s feelings such as pain or sadness

Even though the child repeats a phrase continuously, he may not be able to speak

Treatment varies depending on the symptoms exhibited by each child.

Its very important to train each family member in taking care of autistic child and it would alleviate the pressure on one caregiver.

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